Alpha Stim Treatment

Alpha Stim – Treat Anxiety and Depression Naturally

A device to consider for the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia is the ‘Alpha Stim Electrotherapy Device’.

The Alpha Stim aid is a non-drug medical device designed for home use. It is FDA approved and provides fast, safe and effective treatment of anxiety without the risk of addiction or lasting effects. There are more than 100 clinical research studies over 38 years that prove the effectiveness of this low-level, pain-free, electrical brain therapy.

The Alpha Stim aid utilises cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) to deliver the only patented waveform which is clinically proven to significantly decrease anxiety and co-morbid depression. It uses CES to treat mood and sleep problems and also uses microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) to treat pain. There are no serious adverse effects.

The NHS released a new study on the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Alpha Stim entitled ‘Alpha-Stim for Anxiety can Revolutionise Mental Health Care in UK’.

Results achieved with Alpha Stim in the NHS study prove that this neuromodulation treatment is a valuable alternative or a compliment to the psychological treatment. The results of the study showed that approximately half of the patients went into remission after treating themselves with the battery-operated device. As well as improvements in anxiety, there were improvements in depression and insomnia as well as improvements in function and quality of life.

Jordan and I both used the Alpha Stim aid and found real benefits from it – better sleep, feeling more relaxed, feeling less anxious.

The device is very simple to use. You attach the leads to your earlobes and turn it on. The strength of the electrotherapy stimulation can be adjusted to tolerance. I normally read or watch TV whilst using the machine. It sends me to sleep but can have different reactions on everyone.

However, as with all therapies, I would recommend seeking medical advice before using the device. Also, the cost of the product will make it difficult for many people to buy.